• Empowering Through Advocacy


    Join the ranks of proactive individuals driven to make a difference with tools and training focused on impactful advocacy.

  • Education for Sustainable Development

    A Beacon for Sustainability

    Dive into a learning experience that equips you with the knowledge to lead sustainable initiatives and create lasting change.

  • dedicated towards SDGs and impact based knowledge.


    Align your aspirations with global efforts by engaging with our programs dedicated to the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals.

Empowering Tomorrow

Sustainable Education Meets Digital Excellence.

Shaping the future of sustainable education, blending innovation and empowerment with advanced e-learning. Paving the way for a brighter, greener tomorrow. Join our transformative global journey and make an impact.

Our Synergies

empower. learn. transform.​

Dive into Sustainable Futures with ISDS.

Our unique blend of sustainability and e-learning positions us at the forefront of transformative education. With our roots deeply anchored in empowering women and championing sustainability, we provide unparalleled courses aligned with global standards. Here, you don't just learn; you become an agent of positive change.

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Our Commitments

We're resolutely committed to empowering students through robust educational frameworks, fostering sustainable innovations, and nurturing a transformative learning environment. With every course, initiative, and endeavor, we echo our pledge to shape tomorrow's changemakers.

Spanning across 65 dedicated units, we're steadfast in our commitment to skill 1,000 girl students annually. Championing modern e-learning, we ensure a 20% online course integration, offering a diverse range of certificate courses from Remote Sensing to Machine Learning. ISDS is where empowerment meets sustainable excellence.

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OUR vision & mission

Weaving Sustainability into Every Learning Journey.

We envision a world where sustainability is seamlessly integrated into every learning journey. As we undergo transformational changes, we are reimagining our approach by weaving Education in Sustainable Development (ESD) and e-learning into a harmonious tapestry. With our launch on 4th Oct 2023, we aim to be the beacon that illuminates the path towards greener horizons, empowering students across all MKSSS units to become agents of meaningful change in their communities.

Together, under the SERAI framework, we stand united in our mission to promote sustainability, empower learners, and inspire innovative solutions for a brighter, more sustainable world.

Hearing From Our Community

I would like to thank Homestead for giving my mother a warm and happy place. I was even treated as one of them while taking their service.

Lorry Melon

Thank God I found Homestead on time. I was able to give my elder family member a loving home which I could not give. Thanks to the Homestead community to help him go.

Steve Smith

One of the best elder caregivers in the town. I loved their behaviour and how they treat people in general.


Amazing service and even more impressive behaviour. I liked their management system and how they treat the elders. . Ut enim ad minim


Latest News

Penned by renowned educators, sustainability advocates, and our very own students, each entry offers a fresh perspective on the ever-evolving domains of sustainable development, education, and innovation. Whether you're seeking the latest research findings, innovative teaching methodologies, or real-world applications of sustainability practices, our blogs are a wealth of knowledge.

Join the dialogue, share your thoughts, and be a part of the ISDS community's journey towards a greener, more sustainable future

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